QR code or Barcodes are methods of asset identification, not asset authentication. The difference is that “asset authentication” initiates a process, like opening a door or starting the fuel pump while asset identification only is to recognize that asset, say for inventory in warehouses. 

The nature of a printed image (on a sticker) makes it vulnerable to intruders and fraudsters. 

One can easily take a picture of a barcode on his mobile phone and use it elsewhere to fuel another vehicle for instance. 

A nozzle reader provides an easy method of authenticating the vehicle while fueling as it doesn’t add any extra step of scanning a barcode to the fueling process. 

RFID tags are plugged on the inlet neck of the vehicle tanks and read by the nozzle readers as part of the fueling practice. 

Additionally, Gatex Nozzle Reader is designed to read the tags from within the 5cm range and it provides an anti-theft feature by ensuring that the fuel goes into the tank of the authenticated vehicle. 

And that our tags are engineered for commercial vehicles, are robust and dustproof as seen in the attached picture.

Notwithstanding the above, if you need a barcode-like sticker-type authentication method, we strongly recommend electronic stickers as seen below, rather than a printed (barcode) sticker that can easily be duplicated.