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Why to use RFID instead of QR or Barcode?

QR code or Barcodes are methods of asset identification, not asset authentication. The difference is that “asset authentication” initiates a process, like opening a door or starting the fuel pump while asset identification only is to recognize that asset, say for inventory in warehouses.  The nature of a printed image (on a sticker) makes it vulnerable to […]


Fuel-EYE Reports

Fuel-EYE provides you with a featured dashboard inclusive of fuel management reports and analytic tools, remote control mechanisms over your assets, vehicles and stations, definition pages and status reports

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About Fuel-EYE

This innovative, state of the art, highly sophisticated and well thought of Fuel Controller serves as a most useful automation tool in fueling operations by bringing about complete awareness of all fueling events and transactions, remotely, instantly, reliably and accurately.