Smetron FCS 2.0 utilizes a single flow meter for both IN and OUT transactions. This only flow meter appears as two distinct IDs on the reports so as you have installed two flow meters, one to receive the fuel and the other to deliver the fuel.

Operators can simply choose IN to receive fuel in order to fill the tanker or OUT to deliver fuel and fill the customer’s fleet. FCS 2.0 controls the valves automatically without the need for human intervention.

FCS2.0 is a response to our customer’s needs in all fuel distribution sectors like construction companies and fuel suppliers where daily reconciliation of their tanker deliveries is important to their business. FCS2.0 logs IN and OUT and opening/closing balances of the day automatically without the need for an additional flow meter and eliminates operator-controlled manual valves to avoid human dependency delays and mistakes.

Using Smetron cloud-based reporting dashboard, daily, weekly or monthly Reconciliation Reports are generated on a few clicks of a mouse.

Smetron manufactures the best-in-class cloud-connected mobile tankers for high flow fleet fueling. The RFID based vehicle recognition system authenticates the receiving vehicle wirelessly and eliminates the possibility of any fuel pilferage.

Several alerts are set to the mobile phones of the operations team to monitor and control their tankers remotely. The tankers are visible along their specified routes with our embedded GPS tracking solution to ensure they are on the track and deliver the fuel as scheduled.

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