Container Tank

Container Tank is designed upon the request of our valued client Wade Adams Contracting in Dubai, and it is one of the best solutions for the construction companies who are shifting their tanks and fueling stations from time to time once a site project gets completed.

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Portable Plug & Play Container Tank

Unplug and move from a site to the other in a couple of hours. The tank and embedded fueling cabinet are one whole shipment item.

Designed for Diesel fleet fueling, the container tank is equipped with Smetron Fuel Control System, a 3-phase high capacity motor-pump and a 2″ flow meter to deliver 150 to 200 LPM flow rate for fast fueling of commercial fleet on a 1.5″ nozzle.

Smetron FCS authenticates the fuel receiving vehicles by wireless RFID system, logs the fuel transaction details internally and uploads a replica of the information to Smetron Cloud.

You can access your fueling reports online, anytime, from anywhere on your mobile devices.