Fleet Fueling Cabinet

Industrial Fleet Fueling Dispenser


Smetron Keypad
Industrial & robust keypad with SS buttons


ATEX-certified Fuel Controller


Flow Meter
Cloud-Connected Flow Meter

Smetron Digital Totalizer for your LC & TCS Flow Meters

  • 12″ Resistive Touch Screen Electronic Totalizer
  • RFID-based Vehicle Recognition System
  • Fuel Issuer Authentication Workflow
  • PRE-SET Automatic Valve Control Function
  • Cloud-Connected Online Monitoring System
  • Level Gauge Connectivity & Volume Display

Cloud Connected

Fuel-EYE connects your existing meters to the cloud

Instant Reconciliation

Real-time, accurate data reconciles in a few seconds

Secure Fueling

Authenticates vehicles, operators and drivers

No Limitation

Add vehicles & assets as your projects grow

Check Your Fuel Stock Online & in Real-Time

  • ATEX-Certified Zone-0 Hazardous Probes
  • High accuracy with 0.7mm reading resolution
  • Access 7 years of volume information
  • Reconcile on opening and closing balance volumes
  • System-generated notifications on low stock levels
  • Mobile or stationary tanks, underground Gasoline or Diesel tanks
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • Fully digital data transmission path

Smetron Dispenser Control System

  • Fuel-EYE connects your existing dispensers to Smetron Cloud
  • Integrated with 57 famous dispenser protocols
  • Authenticates the operator and vehicles by RFID system
  • Communicates with your POS & payment machines
  • Logs the transactions internally and on Smetron Cloud
  • Takes control of the dispenser’s mainboard and workflow
  • Provides online monitoring any time from anywhere

Anti-Theft Vehicle Recognition System

  • Robust UHF RFID Tags engineered to work under harsh environments
  • Five categories to fit on a variety of tank inlet types
  • Designed to stop fueling immediately when the nozzle is pulled out
  • Immediate pump & valve shut down if another tag is in range
  • Customized reading range of maximum 5cm distance
  • Working temperature of up to 140 degrees Celsius & 90 percent humidity
  • Wireless communication with the Fuel Controller
  • Disable from Smetron dashboard to stop fueling off-hired vehicles